Bearded Blog Post – The First

Welcome to the Mansome Fellow blog.  We are thrilled you found our page!  If you joined us while we are just starting up, stay tuned for more content.  If you are reading this after we have been going for a little while, simply enjoy.

Of course Mansome Fellow is a brand and we sell beard products of our own.  And probably like many other male grooming product companies, we started because we have grown to treat our beards as valued facial accessories.  After all, to have a great beard is a luxury that takes work.  Once you have achieved ‘great beard’ status you will understand why those of us with beards love our beards.

Our goal of this blog is not to sell you anything. And as of right now our store is still under construction so you can’t buy our products anyway. The only goal we have with this blog is to create an environment where bearded gentleman or aspiring bearded gentlemen can go to read topics associated with their bearded culture.  We are a special group with special needs.  Those needs may not be found in the hygiene section of your average grocery store. You need to know where to look and what to look for in this world of choices.  Those needs may only be discovered in learning from other beardsmen.

I first started growing a beard after the military. Call it typical or post military beard syndrome, but when I got out I made a pact with myself that shaving was not going to be a daily activity. It’s not that I dislike shaving. For me a beard was an expression of who I am. If I take care of my beard, sculpt it to my face and maintain a crisp look, that my friend, speaks volumes to who I am.  If I let the beard grow in on its own and become a wild mane rivaling the fur traders of the 1800s: well that also speaks volumes to who I am. The options of who you want your beard to say you are, are limitless.

It has been a journey so far.  I have read many articles, tried many products and gone through MANY barbers to find what makes my beard, my own. No matter where you are in your beard growing experience there is something for you to try, learn or experience. It is my thought that gentlemen today are a dying breed. So to those of us who still remain. Let us beard on with undeniable elegance.

~Mansome Fellow signing off

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