Our page is about the gentleman and his beard.  How does this beard propel this gentleman into a new spectrum of life?  A Mansome Fellow’s beard is not just facial hair, no! A Mansome Fellow’s beard is a social statement, a presence in any room, a marvel of the modern man. Women swoon over this man, other men look on in envy as the bearded gentleman seemingly glides into the room.  For his shoes tie themselves and his attire never wrinkles.  He is the ultimate specimen of mortal manliness.

It is our duty here at Mansome Fellow to provide you, the bearded gentlemen of the world, with products, information and tips that match such status.  Only natural products will go into the Mansome Fellow beard. Coupled with that, you also receive a variety of fragrances.  But before all that, let’s remind ourselves who we are.  We are the last stand, the last of a dying breed of gentlemen. It is up to us, those able to curate a plentiful face mane, to be the ultimate gentlemen.  To be a MF Mansome Fellow!