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Brief Bearded History

Throughout history beards have been worn and forgotten.  In the ancient world from China to Germanic tribes and everything in between, men donned beards as symbols of status, virility, wisdom and honor. From kings to pharaohs beards were worn and treated much like they are today.  Statues and coins of iconic people of the time […]

15 Gentlemanly Acts – The Lost Art

In today’s online dating world the art of behaving like a gentlemen can get lost in all of the instant messages, snap chats and Facebook pokes.  These modern luxuries have dulled most men’s ability to treat a woman the way a woman deserves to be treated. Granted the modern girl has not helped her cause, casting […]

3 Tips to Beard Magnificence

So you’ve decided to let your manly mane grow.  Excellent choice!  But now that you’ve begun, you are wondering what in the hell to do with this marvelous creation.  You have seen those beard models on the internet with beards seemly only available to the gods. If you’re like so many others this may get […]

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