3 Tips to Beard Magnificence

So you’ve decided to let your manly mane grow.  Excellent choice!  But now that you’ve begun, you are wondering what in the hell to do with this marvelous creation.  You have seen those beard models on the internet with beards seemly only available to the gods. If you’re like so many others this may get you down.  So down you’ve actually considered a shave…  Put the razor down and come with me!

1. Beard Oils

Beard oils are an absolute must, especially when you’re just starting out.  If you’ve made it a couple weeks maybe you have hit the itch phase.  The itch phase can be awful for some and quick for others.  Regardless of time, a good natural beard oil will work wonders in reducing the “itch”.

What type of beard oils are good for my beard? Be careful to look for all natural beard oils that contain ingredients like jojoba oils, argan oils, vitamin E and even some coconut oil.  There are tons of natural ingredients in many beard oils on the market. One that I have used with success are bearded bastard‘s line of beard oils.

Well what does a beard oil do for your beard?  Good question. Think of your beard as a living creature that needs nutrients and care throughout the day.  What a good beard oil will do is lock in some of the moisture your beard needs to look and be healthy.  Has your special lady complained about kissing you because your beard stabs her in the face.  I know mine did.  It hurts her because it’s dry and unhealthy. When it’s dry each hair becomes a little face knife poised for constant attack.  After a couple weeks with a beard oil your man mane will soften out.  You will notice, she will notice and your beard may even start to win her over.

Beard oils also provide nutrients to the skin below and the very hairs that make up your beard. Argan oils, apricot oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil which are common carrier oils in a lot of beard oils have been used for centuries as skin care remedies. These ingredients moisturize the skin and the beard hair preventing the “itch”, nasty dandruff and stab wounds on your lady’s face.

Lastly, beard oils add a new fragrance to your arsenal.  The options are endless.  You can go for the manly musk that a sandlewood or Texas cedarwood will give you. Or you can elect for something softer like a vanilla or eucalyptus.  Texas Beard Company has a nice selection as well that you may want to check out.

2. Wash your Beard

Chances are if you have begun to read about beard maintenance you have seen the negative horror stories about how dirty a beard can be.  Don’t let this discourage you.  Those articles are written by the bare faced men of this world.  Haters gonna hate.  What they neglect to tell you is your beard can be clean if you wash it regularly.

Most of the time a rinse in the shower with warm water will do the trick.  I usually add the beard shampoo and conditioner to my shower routine once or twice a week. The benefits of washing your beard are obvious.  First, it removes all of the dust, dead skin and excess oils that have built up over the day and/or night.  Second, it creates a clean canvas for you to apply a new coat of beard oil.

There are great products out there for you to add to your shower tote that your beard will thank you for.  There are also many products out there that are no good for your beard in the shower.  I recommend a solid beard shampoo and conditioner that is packed with natural ingredients.  Professor Fuzzworthy has some great products that I would recommend at reasonable prices.

Just remember to look around for what works for you.  Find some fragrances that compliment your beard oil or balm and clean away.  Your beard will thank you for it, your lady will love you for it and you will see a great reward for your efforts.

3. Invest in a Beard Comb

After you get out of the shower and apply your beard oil, a quality wooden comb is the perfect ending to round out your morning beard routine.  There are tons of combs available from steel to wood.  I would recommend a wooden comb with a design that you like.  With so many combs on the market you can choose wood combs with a tight finish, double sided with different comb widths and even custom combs with your face engraved on it.

Combing your beard serves to tame the wild and crazy hairs making up your manly mane. By combing these hairs you are essentially training them to fall in an orderly fashion.  You’re also preventing your beard from turning into a tangled mess of matted hair.  No one wants their beard to look like they’ve been stomping around the mountains for 4 months and are re-emerged into civilization.

Wooden combs, combined with your beard oil become a dual force.  Your comb will spread your beard oil evenly throughout your beard.  Giving each hair in your beard the opportunity to soak up some nutritious oils. Over time your comb will begin to absorb some of your beard oils.  So, as you move on through your day give your beard some comb action to keep your beard in check.

With these 3 tips, you are well on your way to beard magnificence.  These are 3 things I have been doing with my beard over the years with great succes.  My recommendation is to have fun with it.  Try a variety of beard oils, shampoos and combs to discover what works best for you.  As long as you aim for natural products you’ll be fine.  Stay away from chemicals that will dry out your beard (i.e. regular hair shampoos), create split ends and make your beard look like a pathetic Christmas tree.

~Mansome Fellow signing off


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